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Project Organize can oversee your entire renovation.


Before you begin, we analyze all of your RFPs (request for proposals) to help you navigate the tricky terrain of negotiations. In order to remain objective, while keeping your budget in mind, we are not affiliated with any particular construction company. Having worked with a wide range of contractors, architects, interior designers, engineers, landscapers, land surveyors, and other professionals, we are experienced with getting the best prices, combined with the best work, to match your project needs. We can also supply materials for plumbing, flooring, ceramics, lightings, and more, at contractor rates.


We are also experienced in applying for all types of city permits to ensure the integrity of your project and to avoid any unseen fines. During the project, we are involved as much or as little as you’d like. At the conclusion of your project, we provide you with your own “home” binder complete with details including plans to paint swatches! Every receipt, signed contract, and business card is organized within the binder so that you may always have easy access to your records, invoices and resources for the future.

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